Alternative Energy and Me

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Due to the rising concerns of global warming, people have become a lot smarter in their approach to efficient energy for housing, i.e. alternative energy.

Clean energy in countries like the United States and Canada is a lot more common than most people think. Due to the rising prices for electricity in both countries, as well as rising expenses, residents are using alternative means of electricity to power their houses.

This begs the question, what kind of energy system should you install?

Finding the Right Alternative Energy System

Finding the right alternative energy system at times comes down to personal preference and situational dependence. This means that colder regions in the United States may not benefit as much from alternative energy systems, like solar panels. With that said, here are some alternative energy systems that go well with any house:

1. Wind Turbines

Wind turbines, while not the most common, are certainly a good investment when it comes to alternative energy. Cities in Canada like Halifax, Hamilton, or Edmonton are great potential candidates for wind turbines seeing how they are some of the windiest cities in the country. On the other hand, states like Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota are incredibly windy, making wind turbines a great choice.

Moreover, you will not need an excessively large wind turbine to power your house. You can always ask an expert what would be the optimal size of a windmill for your house. However the size of the wind turbine will vary greatly depending on your house.

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2. Solar Panels

When it comes to alternative energy, in most cases, solar energy is always the safer bet. Seeing how most modern solar panels are incredibly efficient, you don’t even need to depend on electricity with the right number of solar panels.

However, if you feel you don’t need solar panels for electricity, you can always use them for other purposes like heating your water. The possibilities with solar panels are immense, complemented by how efficient it is. A bonus of adding solar panels to your home is they make absolutely no noise, unlike wind turbines.

3. Hydro Power

Hydro Power is a niche form of alternative energy, mainly because it largely depends on the location. Seeing how a hydro turbine needs fast-flowing water to function properly, it only makes sense that hydropower depends largely on where you reside.

If you happen to live near a river or stream, a hydropower turbine is possibly one of the best alternative energy investments that you can make. Due to the speed of the current heavily influencing the energy that you will receive, it will not even have any downtime, unlike solar panels.


Alternative energy is one of the best ways for you to help the environment as well as save a little money along the way. With more efficient and comparatively cheaper energy methods now available, there is no reason for you not to invest in clean energy.