Hurricane Protection

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Secure your haven with CariGuard – Your Partner in Hurricane Protection

Don’t let storms wreak havoc on your sanctuary! CariGuard’s cutting-edge hurricane protection solutions fortify your home against nature’s fury. Say goodbye to worries with our durable shutters designed to safeguard your loved ones and valuables. 

The Caribbean is one of the most hazard prone regions in the world, vulnerable to storms, hurricanes and turbulent weather. Our expertly crafted solutions offer: 

  • Unrivalled Durability: Built to withstand high winds and debris impact, ensuring maximum safety.

  • Seamless Integration: Stylish designs that complement your home’s aesthetics while offering unparalleled protection.

  • Peace of Mind: Trust in our reliable defence systems to keep your family secure during any natural hazard.
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Safeguard Your Home with Unbeatable Hurricane Protection

When a hurricane strikes, be prepared with our state-of-the-art, affordable hurricane shutters. Engineered for ultimate strength and durability, they provide a formidable barrier against the most extreme weather conditions. Here are some compelling reasons to invest: 

Save money on glass replacement from storm damage: By protecting windows from shattering or being damaged, you save money on repairs and replacements.

Protect the contents of your home or business: Our affordable storm shutters provide a barrier against flying debris and strong winds, safeguarding the structure of your home and your valuables.

Increased Property Value: Homes equipped with hurricane protection shutters can have higher resale value because they’re already fortified against potential storm damage

Harmonize with the exterior of your building: Our solutions come in various types and styles, offering homeowners options that suit their preferences and aesthetics.

Reduce insurance costs: Many insurance companies offer discounts for properties with hurricane protection measures in place, such as approved shutters.

Shield Your Home, Protect Your Peace: Explore Cariguard’s Unmatched Hurricane Defence Solutions!

Crafted with precision and durability, our hurricane shutters are engineered to shield your home from high winds, flying debris, and torrential rains. Check out our types of hurricane shutters:


When you think of the ultimate storm and hurricane solution, you immediately think of CariGuard’s Rollshutters. Rollshutters are your home’s best defence against nature’s strongest events; they are strong, durable and equipped to withstand high wind speeds.

These aluminium hurricane shutters safeguard commercial and residential properties protecting your windows from flying debris, saving you from incurring costly repair fees and protecting the contents of your home or business.

With a user-friendly design, the modern hurricane shutters can be easily deployed when you need them most. They easily glide down when you need them, and retract into a convenient overhead panel box when you don’t.

Accordion Shutters

Our Accordion Shutters safeguard your home and loved ones when a hurricane strikes. They combine excellent protection with ease of use, as they effortlessly open and close for storm protection.

Accordion shutters are ideal for second story buildings; they fold compactly to either side of an opening and can easily be closed from the inside. These attractive hurricane shutters are constructive from high quality materials allowing them to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Not only will an investment in accordion shutters bring peace of mind, but you will have additional security with our options of locking mechanisms to keep you safe.

Bahama Shutters

CariGuard’s Bahama Shutters are crafted with durability and style in mind to offer your property superior hurricane protection. The tropical look enhances your home’s charm while being a decorative yet practical hurricane shutter.

Bahama shutters comprise a series of slats, when closed they shield your home from harsh weather conditions. When open, they allow natural light and breeze to enter your home adding to the comfort of your space.

Bahama shutters are the best hurricane shutters for homeowners in need of fast storm protection, as they can be quickly closed and secured without lifting or the use of tools.

Colonial Shutters

Our Colonial Shutters transform your home’s exterior, adding a touch of sophistication to your curb appeal while giving you exceptional protection and privacy. These hurricane shutters for windows protect against the high winds and flying debris caused by hurricanes.

Colonial hurricane shutters are crafted using premium panels that fold out to cover large openings, with hinges that allow for them to be secured easily. Cariguard’s Colonial Shutters are practically maintenance free, and are designed for both beauty and functionality. They exude timeless elegance.

Storm Panels

CariGuard’s State of the art Storm Panels are engineered to fortify your property against the most relentless storms and hurricanes. A smart alternative to plywood, our panels ensure your property stands a chance against intense weather.
No need to stress about complicated setups. CariGuard’s Storm Panels are designed for hassle-free installation, easy handling and storage, providing a quick and efficient solution when time is of the essence. These clear hurricane panels are also the best alternative for closure of porches and outdoor spaces as they keep wind and rain out while extending the use of the porch.

Hurricane Fabric

CariGuard’s Hurricane Fabric is engineered with the best material to reinforce your home with confidence and provide superior hurricane protection. It is a cost-effective solution which acts as a resilient barrier against flying debris caused by hurricanes.

When installed on windows or doors, the geo-synthetic PVC material is strong and lightweight, and easy to store after a hurricane has passed. Our fabric is rigorously tested to meet the highest standards, ensuring your property is safeguarded when it matters most.

Prepare, protect, and persevere with our proven hurricane protection solutions. Invest in safety and tranquillity. Get in touch with us today!


Why Choose CariGuard for Hurricane Protection?

  • Experience: We have over 20 years of proven success in securing residential and commercial properties from nature’s most intense events.

  • Reliability: We are trusted by homeowners and businesses across the region to safeguard their property and assets every hurricane season.

  • Innovation: We stay ahead with cutting-edge protection technology and adapt our solutions to changes in the market and the needs of our clients.

  • Expertise: Our dedicated team is always ready to assist as you prepare for the hurricane season. We’ve got you covered around the clock.