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Increase the Efficiency of Your Building with CariGuard

Increase the Efficiency of Your Building with CariGuard

CariGuard provides innovative energy-efficient products that will help enhance the quality of your indoor environment by reducing heat and glare. CariGuard’s energy-efficient products improve thermal comfort conditions and reduce the risk of damaging moisture condensation on the interior of your window. CariGuard’s products help to reduce air conditioning costs by blocking UV rays.

Benefits of CariGuard's Energy-Efficient Products

  • Reduce air conditioning costs
  • Block harmful UV rays
  • Preserve your view while blocking the sun
  • Technical options available for peak performance and coverage
Habitat Screens

CariGuard’s Habitat Screens are a remarkable solution to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your building.

Installed on the exterior of your window, Habitat Screens block the sun’s rays before they get a chance to heat up the glass.

CariGuard’s Habitat Retractable Screens block the sun without blocking your view, aiding in energy efficiency without completely boxing you in.

Available with sun sensors for peak performance, Habitat Screens provide protection that helps you to live more comfortably all year long and have a positive environmental impact.

Interior Shades

CariGuard’s interior automated shades help to block the sun from entering the room, helping with the energy efficiency of your building.

Interior Roller Shades offer natural light control with a unique selection of fabrics to harmonize with your current interior.

With manual or motorized options, interior roller shades provide an unmatched quietness during operation.

CariGuard’s interior roller shades are the ultimate solution for interior energy efficiency and sun protection.


CariGuard’s commercial and residential rolling shutters are an effective energy efficiency solution, helping to decrease air conditioning costs.

CariGuard’s security roller shutters are installed on the outside of your window creating a barrier ensuring the sun’s rays do not enter your window.

Rollshutters glide down in place when you need them and roll up into an overhead panel box when you don’t.

Our rollshutters are insulated to absorb heat, helping to reduce your energy costs.

Your Trusted Energy Efficiency Solution

your trusted energy efficiency solution

With over 20 years of experience, you can trust CariGuard with your energy efficiency needs. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to find a solution for your energy efficiency needs.