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rollshutters Trusted Security Solutions and Hurricane Protection

Rollshutters are Trusted Security Solutions and Hurricane Protection

CariGuard commercial and residential rolling shutters are the ideal solutions to protect your property from break-ins, vandalism, and hurricanes. Designed to provide security, and peace of mind. Custom made to suit your exact requirements, CariGuard’s energy efficient rollshutters provide security and storm protection solutions that you can trust.

At CariGuard, we consider it our responsibility to ensure the security and protection of your property. We are a reliable manufacturer of custom-made security roller shutters for residential and commercial properties.

By installing our exterior window shutters and rolling security doors, you can assure the protection of your property from vandalism, hurricanes, and break-ins. With our superior quality European-style residential and commercial security roller shutters, you can add an extra layer of protection to your property while enhancing aesthetic appeal.

CariGuard Rollshutters Security Patrol Closed Circuit Cameras Alarms Security Bars Security Window Film
Deters vandalism
Deters breaks-in
Prevents Glass Breakage
Increases Energy Efficiency
Harmonizes with your Property
One-time application
Provides Light Controls
rollshutters Security Solutions & Hurricane Protection That Works

Security Solutions & Hurricane Protection That Works with Rollshutters

When you invest in our rolling shutters, you are making an investment in:

  • Privacy: Enhance your privacy with rolling shutters. When fully closed, these shutters turn your home into a fortress, preventing outsiders from peering into your living or working space.

  • Durability: Built to withstand daily use and exposure to the elements, rolling shutters are a durable window covering option that requires minimal maintenance.

  • Versatility: Available in a variety of materials, colours, and styles, rollshutters can complement any architectural design or interior décor. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, there is a rolling shutter style to suit your taste.

  • Convenience: We offer motorized options for your rollshutters, to make operating them incredibly convenient. With a remote control or automated systems, you can easily adjust the shutters without leaving your seat.
rollshutters Your One-Time Application of Cariguard Rollshutters Will:

CariGuard’s Rollshutters are The Best in the Industry :

Enjoy the perfect blend of security and style as you fortify your space against harsh weather, intruders, and noise. We guarantee you: 

  • Robust Protection: Reinforced against impact and weather extremes, ensuring durability.

  • Privacy Assurance: Control light and visibility, enhancing privacy without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Energy Efficiency: Regulate temperature and save on energy bills with enhanced insulation.

  • Effortless Operation: Easy-to-use mechanisms for seamless control and convenience.

  • Customizable Options: Tailored designs to complement your home’s style and architecture.
rollshutters CariGuard Rollshutters are Strong and Durable

The Very Best in Security and Hurricane Protection

Our state-of-the-art rollshutters are the ultimate solution to secure your property! They act as a robust barrier against unwanted intrusion while adding an elegant touch to your space. Whether you’re safeguarding your storefront, securing your home, or seeking peace of mind for your business, our security shutters are your best investment.

rollshutters The Smart Way to Protect Your Property

the smart way to protect your property by Rollshutters

Our rollshutters are the ultimate security solution to protect your property because they are designed to withstand and deter forced entry.

Residential Rollshutters Security

Cariguard’s residential rolling shutters are here to enhance your home’s safety! Crafted for ultimate protection, our robust shutters offer a fortress-like defence against intruders while blending seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved ones and valuables are shielded by top-notch security. Here are some reasons to invest: 

Burglary Deterrent: Our aluminium rollshutters making it hard for intruders to access your home. Their visibility alone can deter potential burglars. They are extremely strong and durable, with security features like a unique U sill that prevents the insertion of tools to pry them open and a unique safe guide rail that blocks access to the hardware. Our shutters have been tested against excessive force, and we’re proud to share that they’re  virtually impenetrable. 

Storm Protection: No other solution stands close to rollshutters when it comes to protection against harsh weather conditions, such as storms, high winds, and even extreme temperatures, safeguarding your windows and doors. When preparing for the hurricane season, make our exterior rolling shutters your number one choice.

Privacy and Noise Reduction: Rollshutters provide an extra layer of privacy, allowing you to control the amount of light and visibility into your home. They can also help reduce outside noise, providing a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

Energy Efficiency: Rollshutters offer insulation properties, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and potentially reducing cooling costs. This can help make your home energy efficient.

Increased Property Value: Installing our rollshutters can increase the value of your home due to the added security features.

Customization: Rollshutters are available in four standard colours alongside 1800 custom paint options to choose from, allowing you to match your home’s aesthetic while enhancing security.

Smart Technology: Our rollshutters can seamlessly integrate into your home’s smart home systems for effortless control. Manage your shutters remotely with our motorised technology or you can operate it manually with our easy to use crank operated system.

Home Improvement and Expansion: Our residential rolling shutters are perfect for home improvement projects. If you’re looking to enclose a patio space or even create a home theatre, rollshutters are your best bet. 

Commercial Rollshutters Security

Investing in our Rollshutters is a proactive step to safeguard your business and assets while ensuring the safety of your employees and customers. Take a look at our reasons why Rollshutters are the ideal solution:

Crime Deterrence: CariGuard’s Rolling Shutters act as a physical barrier to your property, deterring potential break-ins, vandalism, and theft. It is a known fact that visible security measures can discourage opportunistic criminals.

Storm Protection:  Our quality storm shutters are built to withstand high-impact forces, offering a durable barrier against flying debris, heavy rainfall, and strong winds. This resilience can prevent structural damage, minimizing repair costs and business downtime.

Temperature Regulation: When installed outside your windows, our shutters act as a barrier against the harsh rays of the sun. This helps to regulate internal temperatures by providing insulation, potentially reducing cooling costs.

Customization and Branding: Branding for your business is everything, and our rollshutters can be customized to match your business aesthetic or display branding, contributing to the overall appearance of your storefront.

Insurance Benefits: Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums for businesses with added security measures like shutters, as they lower the risk of theft or property damage.

Peace of Mind: Having security shutters can give business owners peace of mind, especially for those operating in high-crime areas or facing the risk of natural disasters.

Style – Rollshutters Combine Purpose with Appearance

style - rollshutters combine purpose with appearance

Installed on the exterior of buildings on windows and doors, our rollshutters harmonize with premises to provide security, storm protection solutions, insulation, and privacy. When closed, CariGuard rolling shutters protect exposed glass, prevent forced entry, and provide a strong barrier against crime. When retracted, storm shutters provide an unobstructed view to the outside. Roller security shutters are made of aluminum which offers a matchless blend of strength and style but for protection.

Custom-made and professionally installed, your CariGuard roller shutters can also promote your corporate identity. Choose from over 1800 custom paint options or apply photo quality images and graphics to convert your rollshutters into a creative advertising medium.

Contact us today for a consultation and secure your space with the best in the industry!


Rollshutter FAQ

CariGuard rollshutters are made of rollformed aluminum with a polyurethane or hard resin core, or extruded aluminum. The right rollshutter for you depends on your requirements.

CariGuard offers a variety of rollshutter profiles to provide the solution to suit your needs. For shading and insulation, polyurethane filled rollshutter profiles (Macro and Shield) are best. For security applications, we recommend extruded aluminum profiles or hard resin filled Safe profiles.

Yes. Independent tests have proven that CariGuard rollshutters provide excellent insulation from heat and cold and can significantly improve the R value of your windows.

Yes. CariGuard rollshutters roll down over your windows to provide an effective barrier against noise. This makes them ideal for shift workers, children, migraine headache sufferers, or daytime sleepers that require a quiet environment.

Yes. When closed, CariGuard rollshutters provide complete blackout conditions, making them ideal for home theatre rooms, or for people who like a dark environment for sleeping.

All CariGuard rollshutters are custom made to order. The size of the rollshutter depends on the application and your required solution.

CariGuard rollshutters can be operated either manually with an easy to use crank operated system, or with motorized convenience.

Yes. CariGuard rollshutters are designed to protect windows from wind and rain damage and from flying debris during storms.

Yes. CariGuard rollshutters are engineered to prevent forced entry, vandalism and break-ins.

Rollshutter Solutions