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When the lights go out, stay powered up and connected with Generac Generators. Don’t let unexpected outages disrupt your life— when you invest in our Generac Home Generators, your home remains illuminated, your devices stay charged, and your peace of mind stays intact.

Generac Generators are a Good Investment

Generac Generators are a Good Investment

Generac promises to protect the things that power your life, by providing quality, affordable power solutions. Our standby power solutions ensure your home stays powered, keeping essential appliances, lights, and security systems running smoothly during power interruptions. 

When you invest in Generac portable or stationary generators, you invest in uninterrupted power. Residential generators start at a capacity of 5.6 kVA and go up to 13 kVA, and come in both manual and automatic versions that can switch on when there is a power outage. The automatic system senses power outages and seamlessly transitions to standby power, giving you peace of mind and keeping you safe in the event of a hurricane or severe weather phenomenon. 

Why Choose Generac Standby Generators?

  • Seamless Backup: Instant power when you need it most, seamlessly kicking in during outages for easy convenience.
  • Reliable Performance: Trust the world’s leading brand  to keep your home running smoothly.

  • Convenience: Stay connected and comfortable, regardless of the weather or power interruptions.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored to fit your home’s specific power needs.
Generac is a World Leader in Standby Power & Portable Generators

Generac is a World Leader in Standby Power & Portable Generators

Generac was the first company to engineer affordable home standby generators, and is now the leading manufacturer of home backup generators. Founded in 1959, Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators. 

Standby Power for the 21st Century

Powering you through the 21st Century

When you purchase a Generac Home Generator, you are guaranteed peace of mind for the long haul. Generac’s Guardian Series kicks in within seconds of determining power loss—automatically—and runs for as long as necessary until utility power returns. Take a look at a few options from the models of Generac Generators for sale to choose the best option for your home or business: 

  • Generac 22kw generator is designed to get you through days, even weeks without power. With its OHVI engine, this generator is equipped to power you through the most severe outages.

  • Generac’s 24kW Generator is a big deal in a small package for your home or business, while also allowing you major savings in product and installation costs. Running on Generac’s G-Force Engine, it is built for the rigours of generator use, and requires less routine maintenance than any competitive engine.

  • The 18KW Generac Generator keeps the necessities powered during an outage and offers up to whole house coverage.

  • The 14KW Generac Generator features True Power Technology, which delivers high power quality for smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.

  • Generac’s 7.5 kW PowerPact home standby generator is the affordable, automatic alternative to portable backup power. As a best seller in the Guardian Series, it is significantly quieter than a portable generator, protects the home’s most essential circuits, without having to manually set up during inclement weather, refuel, or run electrical cords.

Why Choose Generac Standby Generators?

Safety and Security: Power outages can leave your home vulnerable. Our standby power can keep security systems, lights, and alarm systems functioning, deterring potential intruders and ensuring safety for your household.

Preserving Food and Medication: Refrigerators and freezers are essential for preserving food and medication that require specific storage conditions. A standby power source ensures these appliances continue running during an outage, preventing spoilage and health risks.

Emergency Preparedness: During power outages caused by storms, accidents, or other unforeseen circumstances, having a Generac Standby Generator ensures that essential appliances and devices remain operational. This is crucial for medical equipment, refrigeration, heating/cooling, and communication devices.

Comfort and Peace of Mind: Our Generac Generators will allow your AC to keep functioning, ensuring comfort, especially in extreme weather conditions.Ultimately, investing in Generac provides peace of mind, knowing that your home and its essential systems will remain operational during unexpected power interruptions.

Staying Connected: Power outages can disrupt communication lines, but having Generac’s standby generator ensures that communication devices such as phones, modems, and routers stay connected. 

Business Continuity: A power outage could disrupt your as you work from home and result in financial losses if you have a home based business. Generac can help maintain continuity and prevent disruptions to your work or business operations.

Protect Your Business and Investments

Power your business and investments

Don’t let power disruptions compromise your success – invest in the reliability and resilience your business deserves with our cutting-edge standby power solutions. Keep critical systems online and maintain productivity during power outages. Your business won’t miss a beat with our Generac Standby Generators. 

How can Generac Generators support your business operations?

  • Business Continuity: Generac ensures operations can continue, even during power outages or emergencies, reducing downtime and potential revenue loss.

  • Customer Service: Uninterrupted power means you can serve customers consistently, maintaining trust and satisfaction.

  • Data Protection: Safeguard critical data and systems from abrupt shutdowns, minimizing the risk of data loss or corruption.

  • Health and Safety Compliance: Industries like healthcare or manufacturing, will benefit tremendously from constant power for safety protocols and equipment operation.

  • Preventing Losses: For businesses dealing with perishable goods, standby power prevents losses due to refrigeration or climate control failures.

  • Insurance Requirements: Some insurance policies may require backup power as a part of risk mitigation measures.

  • Maintaining Communications: Ensure that communication lines remain open, enabling contact with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

  • Protecting Equipment: Sudden power fluctuations or outages can damage sensitive machinery or electronics; standby power acts as a buffer against such risks.

  • Emergency Response: During natural disasters or emergencies, having backup power can be critical for running emergency systems or providing support to local communities.

  • Compliance and Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to preparedness and reliability can enhance the business’s reputation and regulatory compliance.

Invest in uninterrupted power with Generac Standby Power Solutions. Don’t let power outages disrupt your life – keep your essentials running smoothly. 

Discover reliable standby power options for your home or business, contact us today!