Interior Roller Shades

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Experience Natural Light, in your own way with our Interior Shade

Say goodbye to harsh glares and welcome serene, natural light with our premium Interior Shades. CariGuard’s Interior Roller Shades allow you to redefine your space, and enjoy the freedom of adjusting natural light to your liking! Not just a stunning addition to your home, our shades provide privacy while creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere for you and your loved ones.

Interior Roller Blinds: Innovative Features, Effortless Control

QMotion’s automated roller interior screens are manufactured with sophistication and functionality in mind, our shades are the perfect blend of style and practicality. The shades’ bracketing is extremely slim, making the motorized section aesthetically pleasing while reducing the side light to the least in the industry. 

These advanced roller shades are available in either manual or motorized operation, and are virtually soundless when in operation. 

Invest in Cutting-Edge Natural Light Control 

When you invest in Interior Roller Shades, you are guaranteed:

Versatile Ambiance: Whether you desire soft light for a calm atmosphere or total privacy, our interior shades offer customizable options to suit your needs.

Exceptional Style: Elevate your interior décor with our interior roller blinds which come in a wide range of colours curated to complement any aesthetic. Find the perfect shade to enhance your space!

Lasting Durability: Engineered for convenience and durability, our interior roller shades boast easy-to-use mechanisms and robust materials, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Create Your Haven: Transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort and beauty with our interior roller shades. Embrace the harmony of light and privacy, all while adding a touch of sophistication to every room.

Shield your Home from the Sun - Experience True Comfort 

Bask in the glow of natural light without the worry! Roller shades are an affordable solution for sun protection, defending your home against harmful UV rays, keeping your family safe and your interiors vibrant. Our shades provide optimal protection without compromising your view.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Interior Roller Shades

CariGuard’s Interior roller Shades offer several energy-efficient benefits when installed:

Insulation: Our shades act as a barrier against heat transfer, reducing the amount of heat that enters a space. This helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Temperature Control: By blocking sunlight on the extremely hot days, interior roller blinds contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature without over-reliance on AC systems. This leads to potential energy savings and reduced utility bills.

UV Protection: Our interior shades are designed to block harmful UV rays. This not only protects furnishings, carpets, and artwork from fading but also helps maintain a healthier indoor environment by reducing exposure to UV radiation.

Environmental Impact: By reducing the dependency on the AC, these energy-efficient shades contribute to lowering overall energy consumption, subsequently reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Expert Consultation and Installation

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, our dedicated team is ready to turn your vision into reality. We’ve honed our skills across countless homes, mastering the art of enhancement and elevating the essence of sliding glass doors for living room.

Revitalize Your Home Today With Interior Roller Shades

Become one of our clients who have embraced a brighter, safer future for their homes. Elevate your living experience with our Interior Shades today!


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