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Protection from costly vandalism

Protection from Costly Vandalism

CariGuard provides products that offer a solution to vandalism concerns. CariGuard vandalism products are strong, secure and durable providing a reliable barrier to protect what is behind your windows and deter crime. Protect your home or business from break-ins and crimes of opportunity with CariGuard’ vandalism protection products.

Benefits of CariGuard's Vandalism Protection Products

  • Stop and deter break-in’s and theft
  • Eliminate costly business interruptions
  • Save on costly glass replacement
  • Harmonize with your buildings existing feel
  • Deter crimes of vandalism
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Improve safety and morale

CariGuard’s commercial and residential rolling shutters are the ultimate vandalism protection solution.

Strong, durable, and secure CariGuard’s rollshutters protect what is behind your windows. Made from aluminum, our rollshutters are lightweight but durable, protecting your building from crimes of opportunity.

Our rolling shutters are easy to operate, gliding into place when you need them and rolling up when you don’t. With the option of manual or motorized operation, our security shutters provide convenient protection that everyone can use.

CariGuard rollshutters are installed on the outside of your windows, providing a barrier between the vandals and your building. Get superior protection and peace of mind against costly vandalism with us.

Accordion Shutters

CariGuard’s Accordion Shutters also provide a strong and secure barrier to crimes of vandalism.

Installed on the outside of windows, doors, and balconies, accordion shutters provide a strong and durable barrier against vandalism and break-ins.

Accordion shutters require no lift and slide easily in place, making them an ideal choice, especially for second-story windows.

Accordion hurricane shutters provide an attractive vandalism protection solution that folds compactly to the side when not in use, not compromising the look of your building.

Clearly SAFE Panels

CariGuard’s Clearly SAFE Panels provide vandalism protection for your windows and doors without obstructing your view or natural light.

A clear polycarbonate material mounted within an aluminum frame makes Clearly SAFE Panels lightweight and durable.

Designed to harmonize with your existing decor, CariGuard Clearly SAFE Panels are an attractive and practical vandalism protection solution for your home or business.

Your Trusted Vandalism Protection Solution

your trusted vandalism protection solution

With over 20 years of experience, CariGuard is your trusted solution for vandalism protection products. Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today to find a solution that fits your needs.