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Protection from costly vandalism

SafeGuarding your Property from Vandalism 

Cariguard’s Vandalism Protection solutions are designed to shield your property from damage caused by intentional destruction or defacement. From unwelcomed graffiti and scratches to theft and break-ins, these strong, secure and durable solutions protect valuables behind your windows or doors and preserve your space. Whether you’re looking to safeguard a residential or commercial property, discover the power of our vandalism protection products. Keep any surfaces pristine with our anti-graffiti coatings, repelling any threat and ensuring easy cleanup without damage.

Benefits of Investing in our Solutions 

  1. The Deterrent Effect: Our vandalism protection solutions are guaranteed to deter break-ins and theft and improve safety. They can also act as a deterrent to potential acts of vandalism.
  2. Cost Savings: Acts of vandalism can be extremely costly to the home or business. By investing in our solutions you add a sacrificial layer absorbing any damage thus saving on repair or glass replacement costs.
  3. Versatility: Our vandalism protection solutions can easily be installed to any part of your home, to protect valuable contents. Safeguard your car and other valuable home equipment in your garage by adding an extra layer of protection.
  4. Visual Appeal: Our solutions are designed to harmonize with the curb appeal of your property. Find out more about our customization options.
  5. Reduce Insurance Costs: By taking the steps to safeguard your property against vandalism, savings on insurance costs will keep additional dollars in your pocket.


Cariguard’s ultimate solution for the home is the Rollshutter, a cutting edge vandalism protection solution and the best defence for your valuable assets. These commercial and residential shutters are made from aluminum, making them lightweight but durable, deterring any crime of opportunity.

Rollshutters are installed outside of your windows, acting as a secure barrier between your valuables and the outside world. Picture the ultimate vandalism protection product that will safeguard your car, tools, treasured family possessions and more upon installation.

Our Rollshutters offer smart operation, with the option of manual or motorized for anyone in your home or business to easily operate. They easily glide into place when you need them, and can be rolled up when you don’t.

Get superior protection and peace of mind against costly vandalism with us.

Accordion Shutters

Our Accordion Shutters are more than hurricane protection products – they’re a promise to safeguard your valuable assets from senseless acts of vandalism. When installed outside of windows, doors, and balconies, accordion shutters create an impenetrable barrier, deterring vandals and preserving the pristine appearance of your property. 

Accordion shutters were designed with your convenience in mind, requiring no lifting, easily sliding in place and providing hassle-free maintenance to ensure your protection is always active. Accordion shutters compactly slide to the side when not in use, not compromising the look of your building.

Clearly SAFE Panels

CariGuard’s Clearly SAFE Panels provide excellent vandalism protection for your windows and doors, while adding a touch of sophistication allowing natural light to enhance your space. Clearly SAFE Panels are manufactured from a clear polycarbonate material mounted within an aluminum frame, making them lightweight and durable.

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with our sleek and modern clear shutters that seamlessly blend with your  existing decor and guarantee functionality as a practical vandalism protection product.

Your Trusted Vandalism Protection Solution

Cariguard is your Only Choice for Vandalism Protection 

Cariguard continues to uphold its reputation as the region’s trusted company for vandalism protection solutions, boasting over 20 years of experience. Contact our team today to find a solution that fits your needs.