The Many Advantages of Hurricane Fabric

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Advantages of Hurricane Fabric: The Annual Atlantic Hurricane Season is a crucial period in the Caribbean. As one of the regions in the world most vulnerable to multi-hazards, investing in safeguarding your home or business will save you money in the long term. 

Taking a proactive approach to storm preparation is especially wise before the peak of the hurricane season in September. The threat of gusty winds and flying debris means the final product selected must be of high quality. Various product options exist for storm protection, and hurricane fabric is one of the best out there – at least from a cost-benefit perspective.

Hurricane fabric is woven and coated with a geo-synthetic PVC material which absorbs the impact of projectile objects by dispersing the energy from the flying projectile throughout the fabric. 

The fabric solution is built to withstand the winds and rain from tropical storms, hurricanes, storm surges, and turbulent weather conditions. It can be mounted on tracks to cover both windows and doors or attached using special clips and straps. 

Users prefer the convenience of clips which make them easy to remove. The advantages of Hurricane Fabric have made it stand out against metal or plywood shutters, and ought to be considered when purchasing solutions for your home or business for the hurricane season. 

Easy Installation

The decision to have a professional install the hurricane fabric or take it up as a DIY project is entirely yours. Once the fabric meets the required specifications, you can choose to install the fabric yourself with clips or straps and a screwdriver which is quick and easy. 

It can also just as easily be removed from the window or door being protected, rather than being a permanent addition to your property. The convenience of easy removal is also a plus because the fabric can be rolled up and stored for use during the next hurricane season. 

Hurricane Fabric is Affordable

One critical factor that tends to deter persons from buying hurricane protection solutions is the cost. With hurricane fabric, the cost is significantly lower than the alternatives. The price of shutters and additional installation fees are averted with the use of hurricane fabric.


The lightweight fabric can weigh as little as 8oz per square yard but do not confuse lightweight with delicate. The reinforced material is strong enough to endure up to category 5 hurricane or storm wind speeds and wind-blown rain. Hurricane fabric is also flexible and can be placed over larger spaces than alternatives with fixed sizes. 


Hurricane fabrics can be customized by color, typically with neutral options like tan, black, or white to complement the building’s aesthetic. 

As activity in the Atlantic Ocean intensifies every hurricane season, it is important now more than ever to safeguard your property. Hurricane fabric has proven to be an excellent solution for hurricane protection and should be high on your list of choices this hurricane season.