Hurricane Preparedness in Barbados: A Step-by-Step Guide

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It’s never too early to start preparing for the hurricane season. As more climate-related changes unfold before our eyes globally, each hurricane season is becoming more intense than the last. If you are in Barbados and experienced the passage of Hurricane Elsa in July 2021, you might have taken away a few lessons on hurricane preparedness in Barbados.

At Talius Caribbean, we value preparedness especially as the region remains vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Our comprehensive guide on hurricane preparedness in Barbados, including tips on securing your home with accordion shutters, will help you ensure all bases are covered to guarantee the safety of your family.

Make a Comprehensive Plan

Creating an emergency plan for the hurricane season is critical, to document all necessary resources and actions to be taken beforehand. Ask yourself the following as you put pen to paper:

  • What will your family do if basic utilities like power and water are lost for an extended period?
  • If evacuation is required, what is the best route to get to the nearest shelter and what supplies will you need to keep your family safe?
  • How can you stay connected to national alerts?
  • Do you have to make provisions for pets and livestock?
  • How can you plan for children, elderly, or disabled members of your household?

Once you have created your plan, it should be easily accessible to all members of the family. Have a sit down with each family member, and give special attention to children as they will need extra guidance on what can potentially happen during a hurricane.

Build Your Emergency Supplies

The worst time to curate an emergency supplies kit is just before a hurricane makes landfall. This is when you will face difficulty in securing all items needed, as you would be caught in the last-minute rush with others. Here is a list of items that can make up your emergency kit:

  1. Water: one gallon per person for several days to cover both consumption and sanitation. Ensure that drinking water is stored in clean bottles and kept covered to avoid contamination. 
  2. Food: non-perishable items that are easy to prepare should be purchased. A 3-day supply in evacuation and a 2-week supply for the home is recommended
  3. A 7-day supply of medicine of both prescription and non-prescription medicines 
  4. A first-aid kit
  5. Masks, personal sanitizers, and personal hygiene items such as feminine items, moist towelettes, garbage bags
  6. Extra cash because ATM services are likely to be disrupted
  7. Extra fuel for the car and generators 
  8. A battery-operated radio and extra batteries for all battery-operated devices
  9. Chargers for all electronic devices
  10. Copies of important documents such as – prescriptions and pertinent medical information, proof of address, deed/lease to home, birth certificates, passports, and insurance policies. These should be stored in a waterproof area and can be in both physical and digital copies. 
  11. Multi-purpose tools, wrench, or pliers (to turn off utilities)
  12. A sleeping bag and/or warm blankets for each person
  13. Baby items: infant formula, diapers, bottles wipes
  14. Pet food and water
  15. Fire extinguisher
  16. Matches in a waterproof container
  17. Change of clothes and sturdy shoes should evacuation be required

Hurricane Protection

At Talius Caribbean, we offer a range of hurricane solutions guaranteed to help you save money on glass replacement, protect the contents of your home and harmonize with the curb appeal of your property. Before the season starts, conduct an assessment of your home and determine how your windows and doors can be reinforced with protection solutions for hurricane preparedness in Barbados. Take a look at what is offered in Barbados:

  • Rollshutters

The leading solution in hurricane protection is the roll shutter. Its strength and durability make it the ultimate solution to protect your home from flying debris. This retractable shutter fits also neatly into an overhead panel box. 

  • Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters have gained popularity because of their ease of use and excellent hurricane protection capabilities. Homeowners with second-story openings will reap the benefits of installing this shutter, as it folds compactly to either side of an opening and can be closed from the inside. 

  • Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters are superior hurricane protection solutions that add a tropical feel to the outside of your home. When opened, the slats in the shutter allow natural light to enter the room and can be closed providing storm protection without heavy lifting and tools. 

  • Storm Panels 

Traditional plywood is often seen as a last-minute fix before a hurricane comes. However, Talius’ storm panels are a trusted alternative that is easy to handle and store while allowing natural light to enter your space. These strong, cost-effective panels can also be used to keep wind and rain outside of your outdoor living space.

  • Hurricane Fabric

Another cost-effective option to safeguard your property is Hurricane Fabric, made from geo-synthetic PVC material. The fabric has been proven to act as a barrier against projectile objects and rain and can be easily removed and stored after a hurricane has passed.

  • Colonial Shutters 

With our Colonial Shutters, functionality meshes with decorative appeal. The shutters are made from multiple panels that can fold out to cover large openings and are hinged which allows them to be closed without heavy lifting. Best of all, they are virtually maintenance-free which means efficiency and convenience are added value. 

Standby Power

Electricity is one of the first utilities impacted when a hurricane makes landfall. The tricky part is, that you do not know when it will be restored. Talius Caribbean offers the best standby power on the market, as Generac Generators are a household name in the industry. Residential generators can be either manual or automatic, and once the loss of power is detected they switch on. The capacity of these generators ranges from 5.6 kVA to 13 kVA, and a representative from our team can assist you with finding the best generator for your home. 

Know Your Shelters

Finally, it is wise to take note of the emergency shelters on the island if you are advised to evacuate from home due to hurricane preparedness in Barbados. Emergency shelters in Barbados are divided into two categories: 

  • Category 1 Shelters may be used during a hurricane or other hazardous event
  • Category 2 Shelters may be used if they are still in a reasonable condition after a hazardous event or disaster.

Here are a few things to remember should you have to evacuate from home:

  • Leave during daylight and avoid flooded roads
  • Ensure your family members are fed before you evacuate
  • No pets are allowed in any of the shelters 
  • Take small valuables inclusive of identification and travel light

Preparing for a hurricane may seem like a daunting task, however, making an early start and breaking down the process into manageable steps will ensure that you are ready for what lies ahead. 

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