Are Standby Generators Worth It?

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Power outages are absolute inconveniences to home and business owners. There is no telling when they will occur, but they are likely to affect your property at some point during the year. A proactive measure is to invest in standby power sources that energize your home or business for hours to days after a blackout. An investment into emergency standby generators like those under the Generac brand may be costly, yet worth it for your property.

Benefits of Owning Emergency Standby Generators

  1. Generators are a reliable source of emergency power: Many businesses cannot afford to be off the grid. Sectors such as health need to be powered 24/7 to save lives. Companies will also have the competitive advantage of being accessible during a blackout. Homeowners will benefit from saving perishable food items, and even appliances that could be impacted by power surges. The comfort of enjoying home entertainment and the internet is another plus for the installation of standby Generac generators.
  2. Emergency Standby Generators automatically detect a power outage: New generators deliver power directly to the building’s electrical panels, which means there is no need for cords outside the window. This could be a life-saving feature in the event of unfavorable weather conditions. 
  3. A standby generator can run as long as power is needed: Given that the generators are fueled by natural gas or propane, there is no need to worry about how long they will provide power after an outage. They can be connected directly to the fuel line of your home eliminating any worries about refueling.
  4. Whole house generators can protect your home from hazardous voltage fluctuations when power is restored after a storm. This saves your appliances and devices from shortages. 
  5. The transition to regular power is smoother with a standby generator. After the power returns, the generator shuts down until the next time it is needed. 
  6. There will be no disruptions in the security system of your business because the generator kicks in momentarily. This reduces the likelihood of burglary during a blackout
  7. Having a standby generator can increase the resale value of your home.

Choosing the Right Generator

Consulting with professionals such as the team at Talius can assist you with choosing the best generator for your home or business. After assessing the unique needs of your property, the right size unit will be installed to support what you will need powering during the blackout. 

Residential generators start at a capacity of 5.6kVa and can go to as much as 13kVa. Commercial generators are more technical to choose from, as they are categorized by industry because companies have varying power needs. For example, Telecommunications and Energy companies can have generators ranging from 33kVa to 112kVa.

Are they worth it?

A standby generator will give you peace of mind. In an age where the world has been thrown into the digital space, power is quite literally power. Beyond the scope of technology, running a business and maintaining a household is largely dependent on electricity. Investing in standby power, like owning a generator, will always be a smart decision when the effects of natural disasters are put in the mix.