Talius Caribbean is Now CariGuard

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Talius Caribbean is pleased to announce its rebrand to the name “CariGuard,” after 20 years of exceptional service to the Caribbean. The name CariGuard is strategically aligned to the mandate of the company, which is shielding the Caribbean through high-quality hurricane protection products, retractable screens and stand-by power solutions. The new brand identity represents CariGuard’s commitment to innovation, growth and customer satisfaction.

“CariGuard is now an independent Barbados based business and we felt it was important that our name reflected this. Our corporate head office and manufacturing facilities are based in Barbados, and we distribute our products throughout the Caribbean. Cari (Caribbean) + Guard (guarding you against the elements) = CariGuard!” – Kelly Cahill, President of CariGuard Ltd.

CariGuard’s rebranding initiative includes a new brand identity and refreshed marketing strategy designed to not only drive the company forward for the next 20 years, but to further reflect the commitment to offering the best service and solutions to customers. Our customers have been the lifeline of CariGuard since inception, and we remain committed to maintaining the highest level of satisfaction.

As the regional champion for hurricane, security, and sun protection solutions, CariGuard is known for its remarkable line of products designed to meet every customer’s needs. Home owners, entrepreneurs, businesses and even schools have benefited tremendously from each product. Based in Barbados with a dealer in Grenada, our specialized team manufactures products for Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, The British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands.

As we transition into this new and exciting phase of our existence, CariGuard has every intention to remain committed to offering excellent products and services. Furthermore, we are deeply committed to improving them. For the cause of mitigating against the threat of hurricanes, the need for energy efficient solutions in a warming world and defending our homes against undesired forced entry. CariGuard will embark on improving existing products offerings. Designing, developing, and testing new solutions to ensure we meet these requirements. In addition to this, we will no doubt be doubling down on ensuring our service standard well exceeds societal norms. Most importantly, we aim to ensure your overall experience with us is one of satisfaction.” – Andrew Gittens, General Manager of CariGuard Ltd.

Security and Hurricane Protection Solutions are synonymous with CariGuard’s name, with the rollshutter gaining the reputation of being the ultimate solution for every need. Homeowners, businesses and institutions across the region have greater peace of mind after installing the sturdy aluminium shutters outside their properties to deter crime and vandalism, as well as safeguard against the harshest weather events. Habitat Screens has become an industry leader in bug protection and sun protection, highly valued by our clients given the visible impacts of climate change. Talius Caribbean is now CariGuard, and it is also an authorized dealer of products by the internationally acclaimed brand Generac Generators, powering homes and businesses when power outages occur to disrupt the comfort and productivity of customers.

As we look to the new phase of the company, CariGuard remains committed to building strong partnerships and upholding our social responsibility to the communities we serve. Over the years, we have supported initiatives dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others, and this remains of high priority. We understand the importance of keeping our customer’s properties safe and secure, and we look forward to serving the Caribbean with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

About CariGuard

CariGuard is the Caribbean’s industry leader providing innovative security, hurricane protection and standby power solutions. Founded in 2002, the company has been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality products and services throughout the Caribbean. With a commitment to innovation and forward-thinking, CariGuard is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.