What Not To Do During a Hurricane?

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Hurricanes are one of the most powerful natural disasters on earth, and their impact can be devastating. Across the Caribbean, the intensity of storms continues to strengthen because of climate change, and it is essential to know what not to do during a hurricane to avoid further damage or risk to life. Installing accordion shutters is one proactive measure homeowners can take to protect their properties from the destructive forces of hurricanes.

Personal Safety Measures during a storm

Your personal safety matters during a hurricane, here are some things to avoid doing as a storm makes landfall:

  • Avoid going outside during a hurricane
  • Do not open windows or doors as the objects moving in heavy rains and winds can cause injury
  • If you must evacuate, do not do so until authorities give instruction
  • When evacuating, do not park your vehicle under trees or power lines
  • Do not use plugged-in electronic devices as any shortages or encounters with flooding can lead to a fire
  • Do not shelter by a window or door
  • Even after the eye of the hurricane has passed

Do not go outside until you get the all-clear.

Securing your home before the hurricane strikes

One of the most common mistakes people make during a hurricane is to leave their windows and doors unprotected. During a storm, high-speed winds can shatter glass windows, leading to catastrophic damage to property and posing a risk to life. The best way to protect against this is to install hurricane shutters. At Cariguard we offer a variety, including:

Residential Rollshutters – robust, long-lasting, and capable of enduring high wind speeds. They smoothly descend when required and conveniently retract into an overhead panel box when not in use.

Accordion Shutters – a combination of protection and ease of use that can be conveniently folded to either side of an opening and closed from the interior

Bahama Shutter – made with a series of slats, these offer excellent hurricane protection while also providing a tropical aesthetic that complements your building’s decor without detracting from it.

Colonial Shutters – blends decorative appeal with hurricane protection. They comprise multiple panels that can fold out to cover large openings and can be hinged to close and secure easily.

Another solution to consider is Hurricane Fabric by Cariguard. This solution involves covering windows and doors with a lightweight, high-strength fabric that can withstand hurricane-force winds and debris. The fabric is attached to the window frames with fasteners and can be quickly installed before the onset of a storm. It is also easy to remove and store after the storm passes.

Storm Panels are another option for homeowners. These are made from high-strength materials, these can be easily installed over windows and doors. They are highly effective at protecting against hurricane-force winds and debris. 

Our Generac Generators are also an essential part of hurricane preparedness. During a hurricane, power outages are common and can last for several days or even weeks. A standby generator such as Generac can provide power to essential appliances and devices, ensuring that your home remains functional during and after the storm. Generac generators can be installed outside the home and are powered by natural gas or propane, making them a safe and reliable solution for powering your home during an outage.

Hurricanes can be devastating, but there are several solutions available to mitigate their impact on your family and on your property. Installing hurricane shutters, fabric, storm panels, and Generac generators can provide an added layer of protection and convenience during a storm. As part of Caribbean hurricane preparedness, investing in these protective measures can help safeguard your home and loved ones against the destructive forces of nature.

Contact us and allow us to help keep your family protected during this, and every hurricane season.