Why Retractable Screens Are Still a Good Investment

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Retractable Screens are the ideal addition that you need for your home. Their versatility has made them a leader in the market because of their impressive features.  Let’s look at why these screens are a good investment.

What are Retractable Screens?

Simply put, sunguard retractable screens are made from see-through fabric with a range of wave densities, and they retract into an overhead panel. Talius Caribbean’s Habitat Screens are premium retractable screens that provide additional privacy and comfort in your home.

Habitat Screens are applied to the exterior of windows which have a range of benefits that we will explore, however, they are also excellent options for expanding your living space. They can be used around your patio, or gazebo, for a balcony enclosure and so much more. Best of all, these screens can be easily integrated into your home and are easily operated either with manual or motorized controls.

Why should I invest in Retractable Screens? 

Habitat Screens keep the bugs outside!

Have you been looking for a long-lasting solution to keep away insects? Sprays and candles can disrupt the natural atmosphere but Habitat Screens are the perfect solution for your problem. In addition to the fabric of the screen, the unique edge retention system acts as an extra barrier for bugs.

Your view remains the same with extra protection from the sun

At Talius Caribbean, we say ‘Block the sun, not your view,’ and this is true of Habitat Screens. The fabric is available in wave densities of 5%, 10%, and 40%, which allow for a clear view of the outside. The screens are designed to absorb the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches your window. This mitigates the sun’s harsh UV rays, known to discolor decor and furniture over time.

Habitat Screens are Energy Efficient

There is a great duality between Habitat Screens and sun protection. As the screens absorb the sun’s heat and create a cooler environment, you are also likely to save on energy costs. A reduction in energy use is one way of reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Habitat Screens can be an attractive element to your curb appeal

With any solution, you want to ensure that it harmonizes with your home. Habitat Screens will blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home.

Habitat Screens are affordable solutions

When looking to make changes to your home, affordability is a key factor to consider as you aim to stay within a predetermined budget. Sunguard Retractable Screens have been classed among the more affordable solutions and the benefits certainly prove they are worth every penny.

Habitat Screens have a transformative power for your outdoor space

Habitat Screens are more than just incredible solutions for your windows they are used to expand the outdoor living space in many creative ways. Imagine creating the sunroom of your dreams, which is comfortable and bug-free.

Habitat Screens are still a great investment because they offer an array of benefits at an affordable price point. Energy efficiency, an insect-free atmosphere, sun protection and more are all the reasons to invest today!

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