Accordion Shutters in Fort George Heights

CariGuard was contacted to offer a consultation on a security, and sun protection solution for a residential property in Fort George Heights, St. Michael. The client had what we call in the industry a ‘difficult-to-shutter opening’. The main reasons for this were that it was on a second-floor balcony, and the only way on and off of the balcony was via the same opening. This ruled out any other shutter type that wasn’t operable from the inside. To further complicate this job, the opening had low head room that made our rollshutters not suitable for this project either. The client wanted complete coverage for this opening as well. Our only solution was a manually operated Radius Accordion Shutter system for this difficult-to-shutter area. The result is nothing short of an engineering feat, and quite visually appealing as well. Take a look.

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