What’s the Difference Between Bahama and Colonial Shutters

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At CariGuard, we offer the ultimate window solutions because we believe that your property is your most valuable asset. The best way to protect your asset is with sturdy and durable window shutters. Luckily, our Bahama and Colonial shutters also add the stylish element you desire to maintain an aesthetic appeal. Bahama and Colonial shutters are often paired because they are manufactured similarly, so what is the real difference between them?

Bahama Shutters

If you live along the coast and want to add a tropical touch to your home, Bahama shutters are the way to go. These louvered shutters are typically propped open at a 45-degree angle, and each louver is angled to deflect intense sunlight while allowing for a free flow of breeze into your home.

Bahama shutters are permanently mounted on the outside of your home and when closed, they transform any room into a fortress. Best of all, they are easy to operate and can be customized completely by design and color.

Why should I invest in Bahama shutters?

Bahama shutters are designed to combat extreme weather events

They provide extensive hurricane protection and given that the hinges are on the top of the shutter, it’s easy to close them if there is bad weather impending. In the long term, your home will be shielded from water damage or the potential of flooding.

Bahama shutters allow for light control and keep your space cool

Light control is key because the sun’s UV rays can cause fading of furniture and decor. If there is a specific room that gets a lot of sunlight, a Bahama shutter is the best solution. Additionally, when our experts install your Bahama shutters, they will be angled in the best way possible for air to circulate properly throughout your home. Once your environment is cool, there is no need for expensive cooling solutions, thus leading to savings on your energy bill.

Bahama shutters help you maintain privacy

Who doesn’t love the comfort of privacy in their own home? Even when Bahama shutters are open, the slanted angle ensures that no one can see into your home.

Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters seamlessly integrate into any architectural style because of their decorative appeal. Unlike Bahama shutters, the hinge system is placed at the side and operation requires little to no effort. When created with multiple panels, you have complete control of the shutters as each panel can be operated individually. Colonial shutters can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home.

The shutters are compliant with the highest building codes, and the hinge system combined with the quality of manufacturing means you have a long-term, durable solution.

Why should I invest in Colonial shutters?

Colonial shutters can withstand extreme weather events

These shutters offer protection against flying debris, high winds, storms, and hurricanes. They are ideal for both commercial and residential properties.

Colonial shutters are easy to maintain

Low-maintenance solutions are always preferred by homeowners, and colonial shutters are easy to keep clean! Whether internal or external colonial shutters, there is no challenge in maintaining the clean, decorative appeal.