Are Shutters Worth the Cost?

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Property owners researching window treatments know that shutters are an investment. Yet, when looking beyond the price point, the praises sung by rollshutters keep them high among the most effective solutions. Talius offers Safe View Rollshutters and Rollshutters, both of which are designed to provide you with maximum security for your properties. Here are some reasons to comfortably consider rollshutters:


Rollshutters have become a household name for hurricane protection, however, they are fully functional year-round. Our retractable rollshutters are built to protect your windows and the valuable contents behind them. Whether you choose manual or motorized controls, they fit easily into the appeal and automated systems of your home.

Are Rollshutters Worth It?


Rollshutters have been deemed the most resilient solution for any building, given their strength and durability. They act as barriers against broken glass and intruders. They are versatile and can be custom-made to fit any property:

  1. Residential Property: Having a rollshutter at your home ensures the safety of you and your loved ones from potential burglaries.
  2. Commercial Property: Safeguarding your business with rollshutters guarantees that your valuable products are secure.
  3. Schools: Rollshutters mitigate safety concerns and can save money on emergency glass clean-up, window repairs, and glass replacement.
  4. Vacation Property: Securing the windows of your get-away home assures you that your investment remains safe when you are at home. 
  5. Modular Building: Installing shutters protects permanent or temporary modular structures from forced entry. These buildings include clinics and sales centers. 

Storm Protection

Rollshutters continue to be the trusted solution to protect buildings against storms, hurricanes, storm surges, and turbulent weather. They are designed to withstand heavy rains, strong winds, and projectile objects in the atmosphere.

Energy Efficiency

Rollshutters reduce the carbon footprint of your household, a small step towards winning the war against climate change. When installed, the insulated shutter absorbs the heat and cold from outside before it reaches your window. Not only do you save on energy, but your indoor experience is significantly improved.

Vandalism Protection

Old rollshutters have an anti-graffiti coating, crossing potential clean-up costs off your budget. The coasting’s color retention element also means that when you brand the shutter with the business logo or graphic, it will be preserved. Schools, businesses, and modular buildings will especially capitalize on vandalism protection.

SafeView Rollshutters

As a store owner, protecting your products is paramount. The 24-hour visibility offered by the Safe View Rollshutter is one of its main selling points. The aluminum shutters are built to last and though they are lightweight, they pass the test of durability.  

Are Safe View Rollshutters Worth It?

Safe View Rollshutters will bring peace of mind to business owners when used for the interior of malls, supermarkets, and small shops. The anti-graffiti coating offered by Talius ensures that your investment is safe from vandalism. The 24-hour visibility is not only a measure to protect against crime, but passers-by can view your products outside of store hours. 

In short, Rollshutters and Safe View Rollshutters are worth the cost. The range of benefits backed by their long life span means you will never regret a dime spent on the purchase.