Finding the Best Security System for my Business

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Investing in securing your business will always be money well spent. At a time when many security risks exist, there is no better time than the present to beef up security measures. A range of viable security products are available for you to safeguard your business and its assets, including a comprehensive Security System and interior roller shades for added protection.


  1. Interior roller shades: This solution offers protection to content behind windows. The aluminum shutter has been proven to withstand strong forces and comes with internal locks that are hidden from the public. The shutters are retractable and lightweight which makes them a perfect fixture for your business.
  2. Accordion Shutters: These are ideal for second-story windows and other spaces that might make conventional installations difficult. They can be compactly folded at your convenience when not in use, and locks are offered for additional security. 
  3. Clearly SAFE Panels: The polycarbonate panels are durable and can be mounted outside of windows or doors to protect your property against break-ins. A bonus feature is that natural light is still allowed to enter the building.
  4. Security Laminate: This is used specifically for glass and while it does not stop glass from breaking, it protects against forced entry. 

Burglar Proof Exterior Door

As the main point of entry, the front door is accessible by any and everyone who comes to your property. It’s easy to identify where the hinges are and what type of lock is used by burglars planning break-ins. The door should fit within the frame completely and metal or solid wood are sturdy options. The hinge pins of the doors should not face the outside, which would be accessible to others.

A heavy-duty deadbolt lock as a security system is a great choice for the front door when paired with a strike plate. Just like alarm systems, locks have evolved beyond needing keys and keyless options are on the rise. Why search for a key when access codes and phone access codes are available for convenience? Adding interior roller shades is the perfect final measure to protect the door. 

Alarm Systems and Video Cameras

You may also want to consider a security system that allows you to keep an eye on your property. Having real-time surveillance connected to your smartphone is one of the many benefits provided by today’s technology. Having hidden cameras around your property grants peace of mind, without the public knowing they are there. Gone are the days of alarm systems notifying security companies before you, why not get alerts straight to your device which saves time and money?

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In addition to physical threats,  cybercrime cannot be ignored. The Caribbean is not immune to such threats the region is even more vulnerable. Hacking of bank accounts and emails is a form of cybercrime directly affecting businesses. A cybersecurity investment plan protects against the loss of important files and data that are confidential. 

Security measures must not be taken for granted at a time when they have become more attractive to add to your property and are technologically advanced. Protecting your property and online data will provide a greater sense of comfort as a business owner.