How Do I Prepare My House for the Hurricane Season?

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Is your home ready for the hurricane season?

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season got underway on June 1 and the best way to safeguard your loved ones is to prepare early. Hurricanes can produce a range of hazardous conditions including heavy rainfall, storm surges, mudslides, and floods. Taking control of your safety should not be left until the last minute, here are some ways to be proactive this season:

Secure Your Home

Conducting an assessment of your home can reveal areas that need to be protected before a hurricane comes. This can include a roof inspection which may lead to roof clips and window shutters. As a leading company in storm protection solutions, Talius offers the following for hurricane protection:

  1. Interior roller shades: When you think of hurricane solutions, you think of interior roller shades because of their ability to withstand high wind speeds and heavy rains. They are retractable and are a viable long-term investment even beyond the hurricane season. 
  2. Accordion Shutters: These have become popular for giving superior protection, with locking mechanisms for greater enforcement. Just like an accordion, these shutters fold compactly on either side of a door.
  3. Bahama Shutters: Bahama shutters combine the true tropical feel with maximum protection, through a series of slats that are debris-resistant when closed. They are great for last-minute preparation because they are easy to secure without tools. 
  4. Colonial Shutters: These decorative yet effective shutters are constructed out of panels that fold to cover large openings, and can be open or closed without heavy lifting. 
  5. Storm Panels: Rather than leaving the fate of your windows to plywood, an investment in our clear storm panels assures durability during the storm and easy removal afterward. 
  6. Hurricane Fabric: Another popular alternative to traditional window shutters and panels is hurricane fabric. Made from coated geo-synthetic PVC material, the fabric acts as a barrier to rain and flying objects. 

Check Your Gutters

Before a hurricane comes, grab a ladder or call a professional to clean your gutters. By cleaning your gutters of existing debris, you can help reduce the amount of damage to your roof, as well as the amount of water that seeps into your home. 

Check on the condition of your gutters, any cracks or broken pieces can stop gutters from fulfilling their purpose. It is also recommended that you add some pressure to the gutters, to ensure they are secure 

Clean the Clutter

Take a walk around your home and identify any items that can be swept up in strong winds and potentially damage your home and others. Lightweight items like patio furniture and plants can be placed inside, while heavier items would have to be secured. 

Verify Insurance Coverage

Contact your Insurance Officer to get an idea of what is covered under your insurance policy. Should your home be damaged, you would already know how the insurance company would assist. Keep a digital copy of the policy, and a physical copy in a safe place. 

Trim the Trees

Remove trees with multiple trunks which become dangerous as they grow. Trim branches that can come in contact with the building during the hurricane. Dispose of branches properly to avoid them being picked up by strong winds.

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