National Disaster Preparedness Expo to be Held at CariGuard HQ

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Six Roads, Barbados — CariGuard, a leader in hurricane and disaster protection solutions, is excited to announce the upcoming National Disaster Preparedness Expo, scheduled for May 18th, 2024, at the CariGuard main office located at #3 Building A, Six Roads Industrial Park, St. Philip. This pivotal event aims to equip individuals, families, and organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to prepare for various types of disasters.

The National Disaster Preparedness Expo will provide a comprehensive platform for patrons to learn about disaster risks and the latest in preparedness techniques. The event features a broad range of activities and informational sessions, including:

  • Interactive Workshops and Training: Attendees can participate in workshops and training sessions focusing on First Aid and emergency response techniques, crucial for enhancing personal and community safety during disasters.
  • Demonstrations: Live demonstrations will show effective ways to respond to emergencies, offering practical insights into disaster readiness.
  • Family Disaster Planning: Experts will assist families in creating or updating their Family Disaster Plans, ensuring that all members know what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Community-Based Response Teams: Learn how to join or establish community response teams that play a critical role in disaster response and recovery at the local level.
  • Financial and Insurance Advice: Get valuable advice on how to manage financial and insurance aspects related to disasters, helping to mitigate economic impacts.
  • Exhibitions by Various Organizations: Various organizations involved in disaster preparedness will share their roles and experiences, providing insights and networking opportunities to attendees.

The expo is not just for adults; a dedicated kid zone will be available where children can engage in educational activities about safety and preparedness in a fun and interactive environment.

“This expo is a crucial initiative for enhancing disaster preparedness in our community. We are proud to host this event, bringing together experts, organizations, and the community to foster a culture of readiness and resilience.” – Andrew Gittens, General Manager of CariGuard.

The National Disaster Preparedness Expo is free and open to the public. It is an invaluable opportunity for everyone to come together, learn, and prepare for the unexpected, ensuring the safety and security of our communities.

For more information about the National Disaster Preparedness Expo, please visit this link.

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