What Can I Put On My Windows To Keep The Heat Out?

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Living in the Caribbean, there is no doubt that the sun adds to the tropical appeal. Yet, it also leaves many wondering if there is a special heat being radiated daily. When the days only seem to get hotter, the demand for a cool home environment increases. Here are some solutions designed to keep the heat where it belongs:

Habitat Screens

One of the most acclaimed products in sun protection is the Habitat Screen. The retractable screens are perfect additions to your outdoor space, creating a cool, relaxing atmosphere. The fabrics are offered in three densities (5%,10%, and 45%), all of which allow you to preserve your view while reducing heat. 

When installed, the sun protection is extended to your home decor which can deteriorate because of Ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays are typically thought of as harmful to the skin, but they are especially damaging to furniture over time. Investing in a habitat screen will not only protect your skin from UV rays and reduce atmospheric temperatures, it will preserve the condition of your furniture in the long term. 


Awnings have paved the way for new sun protection solutions to be created, yet they remain high on the list for shading doors and windows. The retractable awnings can be customized from an array of fabrics to provide excellent sun protection for the patio and other spaces. Talius awnings have been proven to block 75% of heat from entering the windows of your home while reducing the sun’s harmful UV rays by 75%. 

Interior Shade

Roller shades are versatile and cost-effective solutions for the inside of your home. The elegant fabrics can be operated manually or with motorized control, and it does not make a sound. Natural light can still enter your space and you can choose the fabric’s color from a palette to complement your interior color scheme. 

Insulated cellular shades, made from pleated material, have some of the highest R-values or insulation properties of all window treatments. Cellular shades have air pockets in the honeycomb-shaped cross-sections, which can reduce unwanted heat by up to 80%. 

Window Film

Another simple and affordable option to keep the heat out is window film. The film is made from polyester or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and can block over 80% of the solar heat entering the window to reduce the overall room temperature. The film comprises an adhesive layer that attaches to the glass, a polyester film layer, and a scratch-resistant coating. The installation process is simple and the film can easily be peeled off. 

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Curtains and Drapes

Drapes and curtains are often thought of decoratively. Thermal curtains have emerged, which serve to reflect heat outside of the home. The ability of either option to reduce heat gain is dependent on the fitting and fabric. Any form of fabric should be hung as close to the window as possible to avoid heat escaping into the room. Drapes usually reach to the floor, unlike curtains, making them a preferred option. Triple woven fabric, as seen with room-darkening curtains, is thick enough to limit the penetration of sunlight and UV rays.